Kathy Rowell is co-founder and principal of Katherine S. Rowell & Associates and HealthDataViz, a Boston firm that specializes in helping healthcare organizations organize, design, and present visual displays of data to inform their decisions and stimulate effective action. She advises providers, payers, policymakers and regulatory agencies how to align systems, design reports, and develop staff to communicate healthcare data clearly. She made crucial contributions to the establishment of the Massachusetts General Hospital Codman Center for Clinical Effectiveness and the launching of the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program. Her clients include the Cleveland Clinic, Partners Healthcare, Baylor Healthcare, the World Health Organization, and the Children's Hospital Association.
Greg Nelson is a global healthcare executive with more than two decades of broad leadership experience. He is the founder of ThotWave, a consulting services organization that helps organizations get more value out of their data. He has provided direction to projects covering Business Change Management, Process Improvement, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, and Research Informatics. He is the author of multiple white papers about Clinical Dashboards including "The Healthcare Performance Dashboard: Linking Strategy to Metrics" and "Building Your First Dashboard Using the SAS 9 Business Intelligence Platform: A Tutorial".
Dr. Yair Rajwan is the founder and director of Visual Science Informatics, a Virginia firm that helps organizations analyze and visualize data and text to provide insight and improve engagement. He applies open source platforms to harmonize organizations' datasets with open data, analyze data and text, design information visualization, and develop visual analytics interfaces. He is the founder of VisualMatics - Visual Science Informatics, a social network group that connects healthcare practitioners, visual analytics professionals, and information visualization researchers to collaborate on visual analytics proposals and grants. His enthusiasm to make a different in healthcare systems started in 2009 by designing and evaluating patient-oriented visualization to improve healthcare outcomes. His research was published as part of his postdoctoral fellowship of the National Library of Medicine at the Division of Health Sciences Informatics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His published contribution was visualizing infections outcome data to health care consumers and practitioners for decision making. Its impact, at the Maryland Center for Hospital Services, was reduced infections in eight hospitals. His peer-review publications, conference presentations, and educational materials are listed at the Visual Science Informatics Forum.