VAHC: 14th Workshop on Visual Analytics in Healthcare (Workshop)

Location: Room 104

  Time Program Chair
Session 1 02:00 Opening and Best Paper Award Ceremony Jürgen Bernard
02:10 Designing the Australian Cancer Atlas: Visualising Geostatistical Model Uncertainty for Multiple Audiences
by Sarah Goodwin, Thom Saunders, Joanne Aitken, Peter D. Baade, Upeksha Chandrasiri, Di Cook, Susanna Cramb, Earl Duncan, Stephanie Kobakian, Jessie Roberts, and Kerrie Mengersen
Presented by Thom Saunders
Alessio Arleo
02:20 The Iterative Design Process of an Explainable AI Application for Non-Invasive Diagnosis of CNS Tumors: A User-Centered Approach
by Eric Prince, Todd Hankinson, and Carsten Görg
Presented by Eric Prince
02:30 MS Pattern Explorer: Interactive Visual Exploration of Temporal Activity Patterns
by Yves Rutishauer, Gabriela Morgenshtern, Christina Haag, Viktor von Wyl, and Jürgen Bernard
Presented by Jürgen Bernard
02:40 Multi-Task Transformer Visualization to build Trust for Clinical Outcome Prediction
by Dario Antweiler, Florian Gallusser, and Georg Fuchs
Presented by Dario Antweiler
02:50 ExpLIMEable: A Visual Analytics Approach for Exploring LIME
by Sonia Laguna, Julian Heidenreich, Jiugeng Sun, Nilüfer Çetin, Ibrahim Al-Hazwani, Udo Schlegel, Furui Cheng, and Mennatallah El-Assady
Presented by Furui Cheng
03:00 Scalable, interactive and hierarchical visualization of virus taxonomic data
by Kashyap Balakavi, Rushitha Janga, Ahmedur Rahman Shovon, Don Dempsey, Elliot Lefkowitz, and Sidarth Kumar
Presented by Sidharth Kumar
03:10 Posters and Demos Pitches Jürgen Bernard
Break 03:15 Coffee Break, Poster and Demo Exposition  
Session 2 03:45 Panel Opening Jürgen Bernard and Jörn Kohlhammer
03:55 Panel: Interactive Visualization of Health Data for Digital and Personal Health Jörn Kohlhammer
04:55 VAHC Closing Jürgen Bernard