• "NLM and Visual Analytics: A Partnership for Discovery and Engagement"
    Patricia Flatley Brennan, Director of National Library of Medicine


  1. "Reference Range Number Line Format Preferred by African American Adults for Display of Asthma Control Status"
    Adriana Arcia and Maureen George
  2. "Visual Cohort Queries for High-Dimensional Data: A Design Study"
    Wanchen Zhao, David Borland, Arlene Chung, and David Gotz
  3. "Ontology-Based Interactive Visualization of Patient-Generated Research Questions"
    David Borland, Laura Christopherson, and Charles Schmitt
    [Paper] [Slides]
  4. "Composer: Visual Cohort Analysis of Patient Outcomes"
    Jennifer Rogers, Nicholas Spina, Ashley Neese, Rachel Hess, Darrel Brodke, and Alexander Lex
    [Paper] [Slides]
  5. "A Case Study on Visual Analytics for Optimizing Drug Duplicate Alerts in a Medication Clinical Decision Support System"
    Jaehoon Lee, Wendi Record, and Nathan Hulse
    [Paper] [Slides]
  6. "Finding the Humanity in Healthcare Data: Visualization for Communicating Health"
    Benjamin Watson
    [Paper] [Slides]

Design Challenges

  1. "Jointly Visualizing Patient-Generated and Clinic Blood Pressure Readings"
    Swaminathan Kandaswamy, Jenna Marquard, and Barry Saver
    [Paper] [Slides]
  2. "Design Concept of an Information System for the Intuitive Assessment of Laboratory Findings (Grand prize)"
    Alexander Oeser, Jan Gaebel, Juliane Müller, and Stefan Franke
  3. "Mapping and Visualizing Demographic Information in Structured and Unstructured Clinical Data (Runner-up)"
    Clair Kronk and Danny T.Y. Wu
    [Paper] [Slides]
  4. "Visual Evidence: Increasing Usability of Systematic Reviews in Health Systems Guidelines Development (Runner-up)"
    Connor Smith, Rebecca Jungbauer, and Annette Totten
    [Paper] [Slides]
  5. "Diabetes Mobile Care: Visualization and Prediction of Data from Multiple Mobile Health Technologies"
    Ryan Shaw, Qing Yang, Daniel Hatch, Ellie Wood, and Meilin Jiang
  6. "A Matrix Visualization system to Identify Factors Affecting Mortality Rate"
    Ayushi Gupta, Veera Raghavendra Chikka, and Kamalakar Karlapalem

System Demostrations

  1. "Identifying and Tracking Unapproved Joint Commission Abbreviations in the EHR using Tableau at UAB"
    Daniel Heisler, Abrar Qadri, Richard Pockman, Lori Silva, and Geoff Gordon
  2. "Optimizing PQRS metrics and CMS Incentive Payments using Dashboards"
    Daniel Heisler, Danny Potts, Lauren Mayes, Subhash Reddy, Muhammad Khan, Geoff Gordon, and Randy Tims
  3. "Signaling Sepsis: Novel Data Collection of Diagnostic Mental Models"
    Kristen Miller, Joseph Blumenthal, Laura Schubel, Robin Littlejohn, Muge Capan, Ryan Arnold, Kendall McKenzie, Ella Franklin, F. Jacob Seagull, Ken Catchpole, and Russell Branaghan
  4. "CoCA: Visualizing Complex Cases"
    Daniel Gruen, Panagiotis Karampourniotis, Ahana Sheshandri, Noor Fairoza, and Amar Das
  5. "A Clinical Visual Analytics Tool for Checking Conformance of Treatment Program"
    Veera Raghavendra Chikka and Kamalakar Karlapalem
    [Retracted due to no show]
  6. "Longitudinal Visual Analytics for Unpacking the Cancer Journey"
    Zhou Yuan, Sean Finan, Jeremy Warner, Guergana Savova, and Harry Hochheiser


  1. "A Pan-Cancer Authorship Network Analysis"
    Tiffany Wu, Elizabeth Sigworth, Xuanyi Li, Samuel Rubinstein, and Jeremy Warner
  2. "P3 — Partition, Pivot, and Prune: Aggregated Semantic Graphs for Analyzing Medical Terminologies"
    Sigfried Gold, Harry Hochheiser, Richard D. Boyce, and Niklas Elmqvist
    [Paper] [Poster]
  3. "Signaling Sepsis: Conveying severity through novel alert design"
    Laura Schubel, Robin Littlejohn, Joseph Blumenthal, Ryan Arnold, Muge Capan, Ella Franklin, F. Jacob Seagull, Ken Catchpole, and Kristen E. Miller
  4. "Usability Testing of an Interactive Surgical Dashboard in a Large Congenital Heart Disease Center"
    Scott Vennemeyer and Danny T.Y. Wu
    [Paper] [Poster]